Oh nooo. Ronan Keating has been bonking his backing dancer!

 Now his gorgeous wife of 12 years is planning on leaving him. Apparently she discovered an ‘undeclared’ mobile phone and there it was, in black and greyish.  Text messages between him and Francine Cornell.

Oh jeez, I so don’t want her to leave.  They’re our Golden Couple.  This is a disaster! Believe me, being a single Mummy ain’t no walk in the park either (although half of his £15 million fortune would sure ease the trod.)

Yvonne Keating’s been seen without her wedding ring and according to the papers, wants out.  I think she’s being rash – I really do.  For once, I don’t see this as a kick-him-to-the-kerb moment.

Excuse me too for being a bit of an old romantic, I just see it as a bit of  harmless fun on his part and perhaps, just perhaps their marriage could be saved.

Joining me for Women Talk this week is Linda Gregson,  Relationship Counsellor from Elm Therapist, Ingy’s Angels’ and my usual panel.