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Support Groups and Extra Help to

Get Your Groove Back

No problem is too big or small and there’s always an extra helping hand out there.

Refuge is a terrific Support Group for both emotionally and physically abused women

Mcmillian is a fabulous support group for those with cancer

Gingerbread Support Group for single Mums who know how tough it can be.

Divorce Recovery Workshop support group for divorcees.  A great team that meet regularly and who have also appeared on the Getting Your Groove Back Show

Dulwich Divorcee A fun reading blog to help Get your Groove Back

The Kids Coach A life coach that gives a voice to the children.

Manak Solicitors appeared on the Getting Your Groove Back Show and are great solicitors for Family Matters and Divorce. Ask for Claire-Rossier Davis

Child Abuse Support from the NSPCC – My favourite charity, this is a  support group for abused Children and also to report crimes of abuse against Children.

Adult Survivors of Abuse: It’s never too late to shout out to empower yourself, to no longer be the victim and ultimately,  to Get Your Groove Back

One in Four A great charity to help give the groove back to people who have suffered at the hands of sexual abuse and sexual violence.

The Inner City Woman News and Views on issues affecting women in London

Net Knowledge Free Web Directory



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