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    Would you lie if you didn’t live in the right catchment area for the best school in the borough? 

    I wrote an article for the Guardian on my views on this topic, and geez, all hell was let loose on the comments board.

    Click here to read the article and the abuse that followed.

    My final word on the topic is this:

    I sometimes wonder if the biggest lie we tell, is to ourselves.

    There are those who use their financial muscle to buy or rent homes within the catchment areas of the ‘good’ state school, who ordinarily, wouldn’t have moved there. Is that too not a lie and most importantly, immoral? Or is that one of those lovely okay lies?
    For those who baptize their child age eight, in order to secure a place in the ‘good’ catholic school – that too is a lie right? Or is that an okay lie too?
    And on the subject of the church, there are those busy Mums who help clean the alter everyday after school, once again to secure a lovely reference from the priest for the good secondary school. If it’s not being done from the goodness of their hearts, that too is and out and out lie, right?

    It would be unforgivable for to not mention those who pretend they live with their Grandparents who live in the catchement area, pretend their cousin is their sibling (hence have the same surname) and those who even go as far as moving into a caravan within the catchment area… my dears the list goes on.

    Many parents, good honest decent parents, either directly or indirectly are doing everything in their power to prevent their child from entering a hell hole. My son is now in what is deemed as a good state school. The teacher won’t start the class, unless everyone is quiet. The notorious kids in the class take on average half hour to calm down. It’s just an hour long class. Now let’s take it up a notch. The kids, who bully, ridicule and disrespect the teacher in class. Who are now not allowed to be expelled? Is it okay for your children to attend a school like that? What should be an hour lesson is now half an hour because of the unruly kids? Perhaps for you. But for many parents, it’s not. So they do what ever they can to avoid that situation. They don’t believe in lying – but are now prepared to go aginst one of the main core values. 

    I say the onus should be on the schools to improve and not the parents, who will jump thorough flames if they have to, to avoid having their child, like in the recent case of the schoolboy in Streatham, killed.


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    ‘Why do we have to start being so tidy NOW,’ my son bellowed, on his way back to his bedroom, stomping his feet like the charges in the changing of the guards.
    ‘I’ll tell you why’, I pointed and hollered back even louder still like an equally spoilt brat. ‘Because Sylvia Amoah said so!’

    Sylvia is the Spiritualist counselor I regularly have on my chat show analyzing dreams. So  after last weeks show, she kindly dissected one of my own little nasties.
     ‘You’ve gotta clear out the clutter in that cupboard. Then and only then, will you get clear about which path to take. Get rid of those toxic friendships’, she went on….’AND LET THE LIGHT IN’. 

    Sounded like a right sermon. But I knew what she meant. My career … and that wonderfully huge, cupboard in the hall way. My whole life is crammed inside that beloved cupboard. It takes my back and the force of an elephant to squeeze it shut after one of my successful cleaning marathons (kidding nobody but myself, of course).She explains that everything in that cupboard represents my issues. My fears and therefore, my blockages. And now, Spiritualist Sylv’ demands… it’s time to let it all out!

    Getting Your Groove Back tip:

    While mine’s the cupboard hoarding the mates who mean me no well and the issues relating to the runaway Dad I’ve never met, conversely, there’s the OCD crew. Under their overly-hoovered rugs and puffed up sofas plonked neatly on top, often lurks dysfunctional relationships. And lets not forget my past. The cant-stop-wont-stop eating moments. Each bite of the one too many donuts, oozed a mixture of squidgy jam and low self esteem.

    Yet although fear of facing the truth has many guises, they have lots in common too. Number one: You’re kidding nobody but yourself. Number two: They take a whole load of courage to admit to and a tremendous amount of courage to change. Three:  Just like mountains, they’re conquered, one step at a time.  And finally number four. At the top of all those glorious mountains…. Is Groove!
    So what’s Groove, my son asked?

    Groove puts you in the right place at the right time. Groove, puts a spring in your step and restores the magic in your mojo. Groove, reveals your life’s purpose. And Groove has you looking and most importantly feeling, absolutely great again!

    That’s Groove bebe…that’s groove!

    The Getting Your Groove Back column can be seen every fortnight in the fabulous, South London Press, Pulse Entertainment Section.

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    On Women Talk this week, my delightful Panel and I discussed the issue of Discipline.

    A recent survey revealed that 60% of parents admit to giving their kids a bit of a wallop!

    So the question  I put to my panel was this.  Should smacking be Banned -YES OR NO?

    I’ve never heard so much dithering in all of  my life.  I was taking no prisoners however, and pushed them for an answer (what a meanie)!


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    It appears that women are obsessed jealous souls!

    Acording to a recent report published today, we are  twice as likely to go through our partners mobile phones and emails seeking evidence of an affair!

    So in Women’s Talk this week, we addressed the issue of Jealousy and asked, are we nutters, or are we simply picking the wrong blokes?

     On my panel, is Sylvia Amoah and wait  for it…… a bloke! Yes that’s right.  I wanted to get a male perspective on this one so took the unusal step of inviting one in. So also on my panel this week is Ian Henry. 

     Our Industry expert  is Andrew T Austin, a master of  NLP and Hypnotherapy. I asked him if and how we can behead the Green Eyed Jealousy Monster and ultimately, Get Our Groove Back?


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    In this weeks Women Talk we trecked the streets of London, to ask our wonderful Mothers: What would you be, if you wnot a MUM.

    I had such great fun conducting this interview, watching the Mums faces light up when they were pondering the thought.  It showed that although we love our Kids dearly, and would never wish for anything else, there are times, oh there are times, when we can only but wonder.


  • 11:39:36 pm on May 24, 2010 | 0 | # |
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    Oh nooo. Ronan Keating has been bonking his backing dancer!

     Now his gorgeous wife of 12 years is planning on leaving him. Apparently she discovered an ‘undeclared’ mobile phone and there it was, in black and greyish.  Text messages between him and Francine Cornell.

    Oh jeez, I so don’t want her to leave.  They’re our Golden Couple.  This is a disaster! Believe me, being a single Mummy ain’t no walk in the park either (although half of his £15 million fortune would sure ease the trod.)

    Yvonne Keating’s been seen without her wedding ring and according to the papers, wants out.  I think she’s being rash – I really do.  For once, I don’t see this as a kick-him-to-the-kerb moment.

    Excuse me too for being a bit of an old romantic, I just see it as a bit of  harmless fun on his part and perhaps, just perhaps their marriage could be saved.

    Joining me for Women Talk this week is Linda Gregson,  Relationship Counsellor from Elm Therapist, Ingy’s Angels’ and my usual panel.


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    For ordinary folk like me, the sources of my sleepless nights are things like the bills. The ever increasing size of my behind and worrying my self sleepless wondering how many times my son will be mugged before he reaches the tender age of ten. In my world, everyday, except Saturdays, is like Dancing on Ice doing multiple triple toe loops and looking something akin to Worzel Gummidge.

    For other folk on a Saturday, their CHIEF concern, their ONLY concern in life, is whether or not their nine year old sons football team, will win… their…. cup…Final!

    Love my son dearly, but Saturday’s for me is when I begin to look something like a human being. No school run, no blooming homework and if I’ve been organised enough the night before – no housework either. My make up’s on, I’ve wrestled into my Spanx and the curling irons have transformed me and the Medusa inspired mop on my head, into a picture worthy of a Sotheby’s’ auction (okay, slight exaggeration, but you get my gist).

     So naturally, in between those near goal moments, I love to have a good ole natter with the parents’ at the touch line. Only problem is, the Parents don’t wanna talk with me!

    Let me explain. The parents, who live this charmed existence, can’t speak! For their bulging, about- to-explode hearts, are being kicked around by fourteen tiny pairs of feet. So, the very last thing on their minds, is having a natter with Hot Totty Ingrid.

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    The volcanic ash cloud of doom descended upon Norbury, as our team, the Eagles, with a 3-0 lost to the Colts was unable to fly on the most important day of their lives. But all is not lost. Forever equipped for such disasters, my sons’ Dad triumphantly produces a case of beer from the boot of his car. This’ll cheer everyone up, he thought. But nothing appears more difficult to swallow than a looser’s beer. Unlike a winner’s beer, which glides down the throat like velvet, a looser’s beer feels like it’s pierced with metal spikes and cascades down the throat like a hedgehog! Try as we might, the Parents, whose spirit ended at the shrill of the final whistle, look as though they’re on death row,

    So I, who so loves winning, is as cool as a cookie and the parents wonder why. So I share my view on the game of life.  

    I line the ball up and give it the very best shot I have then let the rhythm of life take over. I trust, that the ball will fall where it was supposed to fall at that moment in time and in the meantime, I let my hair down, learn the lesson and give thanks for the wonderful things I do have.

    And that includes, my ever growing, gloriously huge behind.

    Check out the Getting Your Groove Back Fortnightly Column in the South London Press, Pulse Section and the Getting Your Groove Back Chat Show on Friday between 1-2 pm and Wednesday at 10pm

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    I think not! Being ‘Bootylishious’, sure didn’t help the career of Sophie Dahl, after all, it’s a Fashion Show not a Figure show for goodness sake!

    The panel were peeved with my views. What do you think?

    Discussed on Women Talk this week we asked: Is there a place for Plus Size Models on the catwalk?

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    When I was made redundant, I had to move my kid into the state system after six years of private education.  Having moved him three times in three months because of the dire ‘state’ of the state system (excuse the pun),  the state school I ultimately got him into is fantastic! It’s like getting a Private education for Free!

    All that said and done, private schooled kids ultimately achieve more straight A’s in secondary schools! Pearl Lowe, sends her wee son Alifie to a state school and she’s not short of a few pennies is she?

    So in this weeks ‘Women Talk’, the question I put to my panel was this:  When it comes to private school versus state schools, are private schools a waste of Money?


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    This weeks’ interview on the Mind Body and Soul section was with the lovely Lorraine Gaughn from StressEase. Lorraine advises on the different types of massages available.

    I also asked how often we should have a massage?

    Listen to her advice here.[podcast][/podcast]

    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-7fdc8133c2f9384703b17c03e4162b18

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