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  • 12:25:37 am on August 6, 2010 | 0


    Would you lie if you didn’t live in the right catchment area for the best school in the borough? 

    I wrote an article for the Guardian on my views on this topic, and geez, all hell was let loose on the comments board.

    Click here to read the article and the abuse that followed.

    My final word on the topic is this:

    I sometimes wonder if the biggest lie we tell, is to ourselves.

    There are those who use their financial muscle to buy or rent homes within the catchment areas of the ‘good’ state school, who ordinarily, wouldn’t have moved there. Is that too not a lie and most importantly, immoral? Or is that one of those lovely okay lies?
    For those who baptize their child age eight, in order to secure a place in the ‘good’ catholic school – that too is a lie right? Or is that an okay lie too?
    And on the subject of the church, there are those busy Mums who help clean the alter everyday after school, once again to secure a lovely reference from the priest for the good secondary school. If it’s not being done from the goodness of their hearts, that too is and out and out lie, right?

    It would be unforgivable for to not mention those who pretend they live with their Grandparents who live in the catchement area, pretend their cousin is their sibling (hence have the same surname) and those who even go as far as moving into a caravan within the catchment area… my dears the list goes on.

    Many parents, good honest decent parents, either directly or indirectly are doing everything in their power to prevent their child from entering a hell hole. My son is now in what is deemed as a good state school. The teacher won’t start the class, unless everyone is quiet. The notorious kids in the class take on average half hour to calm down. It’s just an hour long class. Now let’s take it up a notch. The kids, who bully, ridicule and disrespect the teacher in class. Who are now not allowed to be expelled? Is it okay for your children to attend a school like that? What should be an hour lesson is now half an hour because of the unruly kids? Perhaps for you. But for many parents, it’s not. So they do what ever they can to avoid that situation. They don’t believe in lying – but are now prepared to go aginst one of the main core values. 

    I say the onus should be on the schools to improve and not the parents, who will jump thorough flames if they have to, to avoid having their child, like in the recent case of the schoolboy in Streatham, killed.


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