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    ‘Why do we have to start being so tidy NOW,’ my son bellowed, on his way back to his bedroom, stomping his feet like the charges in the changing of the guards.
    ‘I’ll tell you why’, I pointed and hollered back even louder still like an equally spoilt brat. ‘Because Sylvia Amoah said so!’

    Sylvia is the Spiritualist counselor I regularly have on my chat show analyzing dreams. So  after last weeks show, she kindly dissected one of my own little nasties.
     ‘You’ve gotta clear out the clutter in that cupboard. Then and only then, will you get clear about which path to take. Get rid of those toxic friendships’, she went on….’AND LET THE LIGHT IN’. 

    Sounded like a right sermon. But I knew what she meant. My career … and that wonderfully huge, cupboard in the hall way. My whole life is crammed inside that beloved cupboard. It takes my back and the force of an elephant to squeeze it shut after one of my successful cleaning marathons (kidding nobody but myself, of course).She explains that everything in that cupboard represents my issues. My fears and therefore, my blockages. And now, Spiritualist Sylv’ demands… it’s time to let it all out!

    Getting Your Groove Back tip:

    While mine’s the cupboard hoarding the mates who mean me no well and the issues relating to the runaway Dad I’ve never met, conversely, there’s the OCD crew. Under their overly-hoovered rugs and puffed up sofas plonked neatly on top, often lurks dysfunctional relationships. And lets not forget my past. The cant-stop-wont-stop eating moments. Each bite of the one too many donuts, oozed a mixture of squidgy jam and low self esteem.

    Yet although fear of facing the truth has many guises, they have lots in common too. Number one: You’re kidding nobody but yourself. Number two: They take a whole load of courage to admit to and a tremendous amount of courage to change. Three:  Just like mountains, they’re conquered, one step at a time.  And finally number four. At the top of all those glorious mountains…. Is Groove!
    So what’s Groove, my son asked?

    Groove puts you in the right place at the right time. Groove, puts a spring in your step and restores the magic in your mojo. Groove, reveals your life’s purpose. And Groove has you looking and most importantly feeling, absolutely great again!

    That’s Groove bebe…that’s groove!

    The Getting Your Groove Back column can be seen every fortnight in the fabulous, South London Press, Pulse Entertainment Section.


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