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  • 11:20:39 pm on May 29, 2010 | 0
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    It appears that women are obsessed jealous souls!

    Acording to a recent report published today, we are  twice as likely to go through our partners mobile phones and emails seeking evidence of an affair!

    So in Women’s Talk this week, we addressed the issue of Jealousy and asked, are we nutters, or are we simply picking the wrong blokes?

     On my panel, is Sylvia Amoah and wait  for it…… a bloke! Yes that’s right.  I wanted to get a male perspective on this one so took the unusal step of inviting one in. So also on my panel this week is Ian Henry. 

     Our Industry expert  is Andrew T Austin, a master of  NLP and Hypnotherapy. I asked him if and how we can behead the Green Eyed Jealousy Monster and ultimately, Get Our Groove Back?



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