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  • 12:01:10 am on April 8, 2010 | 0

    Billie Piper suffered from  the silent incapacitating agony of Post Natal Depression.

    Silent because many don’t tell.  Incapacitating, because whilst in the midst of it, you struggle to find the energy to get dressed, and when you do, your clothes feel as heavy as the uniform of a fire fighter – only you don’t have the energy to fight the fires. The agony is from the guilt. The guilt from not being able to live up to the fairytale images presented to you in the glossy magazines (text Continues below).

    On this weeks Woman Talk, I speak with Lynne Walder on how Being a Yummy Mummy led to her Postnatal depression.


    ‘I felt like driving my car into a wall’.  Were the words in Lynne Wader’s Journal, a guest on my show, who shared the extracts from her diary describing her darkest moments whilst suffering from post natal depression. The journal was the only thing privy to the dark moments she was too ashamed to share with anyone else whose lives on the surface, echoed those on the magazine covers. Not even her wonderful husband who she always shared everything with.  He eventually mentioned the unmentionable D word. ‘Divorce’.  For surely, with two beautiful children, a wonderful home and an adorable husband, these were supposed to be the happiest days of her life? So why was she not happy? Why, oh why, did it actually feel like death?

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    Lynne Waldon’s Post Natal depression, stood unrecognised for longer than usual as her symptoms didn’t tick all the boxes. She didn’t feel like killing the kids – yet! The toughest part she said was having no one to share her pains with, as they, like the media, presented their lives to be akin to living in a rose cottage garden with the white picket fence.  No one is prepared to break the ‘code of silence’ of their true struggles.  So ultimately what happens?  It all comes crashing down until we’re forced to face up to how we really feel.  If only we were more open with each other without the fear of being judged.

    Lynne did hit a brick wall, but ultimately got her groove back by showing her GP the contents of her journal. The help came in the form of adjusting her thinking, no longer using the magazines as her standard bearer, but more for what they really are – adult fairy tale books.  Lynne has a consultancy to help other families going through the same and most importantly she no longer feels laden with guilt because she, like others, remembers she is doing, the very best she can.

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