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    It was more like a gentle brain jerker than a tear jerker that made me ask the question, how many more kids out there, who, if rescued from their reality, could be great stars too?

    The story is about a young eighteen year old black boy from the projects, Michael Oher (Quinten Aaron), who was given a second stab at life through the generosity and charity of a wealthy Christian family. The mother, Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock), her husband Sean (Tim McGraw), ultimately become his legal guardians and refers to him as their son. The film is based on a true story, the book The Blind side: Evolution of the Game.

    It was discovered that, Michael, who fails in just about every other area of his life, has an innate gift for ball games and protective intuition, which basically means, can move extraordinarily quickly to protect a person in a given situation.  This gift especially kicks in for those he cares for.   As such, it was discovered that this innate quality could be transferred into the very important position of protecting the key ‘Quarter Back’ player, in an American football game.

    So many hidden gems inside us eh?

    I didn’t want this film to end.  Not because of any high drama moments and not because it was a real tear jerker. But because it had a rhythm to it that weaved through me. Despite some very moving moments in the film, it was like lying in a bath and reflecting on life.  It stripped you of your ego and transported you elsewhere.

    We all have our own maps of the world – the way we view things.  It’s so easy to think that what we see, what we know is all that there is.  But there’s more than what we know.  On a day to day basis, we can choose to ignore it. Like some of the middle class friends of Leigh Anne friends who chose to ridicule her attempts to make a change. People from the projects too, ignore that another world exists and therefore other choices.

    The film taught me about charity.  Real charity. Not just the £2 a month I’ve been giving for the last ten years to the NSPCC and feel that I’m doing my bit. But real hard core sacrifice to make a difference.

    It taught me about egos and how it drives so many of us including myself. How many of us get wrapped up with the ego and think it’s the true self.  It made me ask how many of us would rescue another at the risk of damaging our image.

    I always ask myself, how a film relates to every day life.  In this case it did.  The following day.

    The film made me reflect on the make up of my sons’ new football team.  He is the only black kid on the two teams that make up the entire under nine squad. I don’t think there are more than two white working class kids amongst them either.  The Boden Mums are the new soccer mums.  They wear Hunter wellies and their children’s names are Sebastian, Harry and Thomas.  Many are also privately educated and in between the football sessions they attend rugby and hockey practice too.  The matches are organised by the parents with military efficiency. The training sessions are second to none.  One of the matches today was against a team with a more multicultural make up than ours.  In truth, despite being one player down, (initially three, two eventually turned up) our team struggled.  I heard our coach shout to our team, for goodness sake, you are one team member up.  Our military precision came through in the end and we won 3-0, but it wasn’t a walk in the park!

    It made me reflect on the film and remember something someone said to me once.  The best athletes and football players are in the prisons.  I feel quite emotional as I write this, because it certainly was true that if Michael had not been rescued by this family, he too would either be in jail or dead.

    How many others are there with the wrong leadership and poor role models who could benefit from being rescued.  How many more Michael Ohrs are there?

    And save me the racism lark, because if they’re good, they’re good. Coaches are far too passionate about winning to be concerned about the colour of their skin.

    Spare me too from the excuse that the snooty parents have driven them out.  These Mums and Dads are lovely people.  Their reality is this.  Self belief and Practise.  Practice, practice and practice some more.  Dedication, Self Belief and practise.  Self belief is the difference between the winners and the losers. Between those in the prisons and the greats on the football team.

    So the question I ask again is this. How many others would benefit from being rescued from the reality that they’ve adopted?

    4 STARS


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