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  • 04:20:51 pm on March 27, 2010 | 0

    I want to know how everyone does it.  Or does everyone do it?

    (Don’t get excited, I’m talking about the kids).

    Coz I’m beat.  I’m talking the violin lessons, the violin practise, the swimming lessons, the tennis lessons, the tutor, the tutor homework, the football practise, the football game, school homework, the daily reading; the Bonds books…Are you out of breath yet – because I’m out of my blooming mind?
    So, while screeching his way through his violin practice, I sneak off to grab twenty minutes in the bath by myself.  But oh no, the dreaded kid encroaches on that time too, willing his way into joining me in the bath.  This calls for tough love.  So I tell him, in the most lovingly croony voice I can muster.  ‘No darling, this is Mummy time’.  But it’s no good.  The drip drip effect of his heart wrenching emotions commences. It starts with the all so familiar face of doom. The puppy dog eyes, the quivering lips. And, just as he appears to be on the brink of calling Childline to report his perceived neglet, he quietly mutters ‘But we haven’t spent any quality time together yet Mummy!’
    Oh Geez, the kid’s right! For all of the aforementioned activities merely consisted of me ferrying him around! There’s been no actual, quality time with my kid.

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip

    Once upon a time there was only one out of school activity and that was it.  But these things just creep up on you. Just five minutes outside the school gates with the other parents gushing about what their own kids are doing is enough to send you into an anxious wreck.  To add to my woes, the tennis lessons I was thinking of dropping needs to remain too.  Why, because his coach whispered in my ear my boy has got a natural talent.  Probably a load of nonsense but the thought of denying my son (and my country) a desperately needed major tennis tournament win, is enough to convince me to keep that one going too.
    The answer came in the form of 20 minutes, 99 measly pennies and pretending I was at the cinema.
    I bought a pack of jumbo playing cards for 99p. We played pairs.  His squeals of laughter sounded like the little piggy that didn’t get his house blown down.
    Next was tackling the chattering voices of the parents. The next time I stopped for  a natter and they waffled on and on and on, I smiled sweetly, nodded appropriately and  cut off mentally! How? By pretending I was watching them in a film in the cinema.
    We may want to live our lives through our kids by attempting to groom them into the next Chikofsky, Rooney, Roger Federer or Angela Maurer, but remember, all the child really wants is you.
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