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  • 09:54:10 pm on March 21, 2010 | 0

    Do you care how tidy your home is?
    Mine’s a nightmare. It’s in disarray at least 80% of the time, heading that way the rest of the time and I’m proud of it.
    It’s not one of those homes where surprise visitors are lovingly welcomed in with open arms either. Oh gosh no. The entire conversation would be stilted. I’d be asking you to excuse the mess and tracking your every eye-movement like a sniper to see if you’ve spotted any of my deadly sins: the runaway t-shirt lurking underneath the dining table or the dishevelled piece of morning toast, still on view despite being 4 O’clock in the afternoon. That’s why I don’t do surprise visitors. Knock on my door and, behind the wide smile and flash of sparkly white teeth, there’s only thing on my mind. It may be raining, the latest sub-zero temperatures, the most riveting conversation, or all three, but you are NOT crossing my threshold!
    It’s bad today. The sock drawer has been visited by the sock monster and morphed into its very own version of shambles. No two socks are remotely similar, so my son went to school today wearing odd socks. They were the same colour. Sort of. One black, the other blackish. One with a red toe pattern and the other green. But, I rationalise quickly, socks are socks; he doesn’t have PE today. No one will be any the wiser.

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    Perhaps an orderly home does make an orderly mind. But hey, something has to give. We’d all be in an asylum if we always tried to be all things to all people. Perfect home, perfect kids, perfect body and whatever else society wants to throw at us. I’ve tried that and I have the scars to prove it – a car crash while reading an email on my Blackberry leading, further down the line, to depression.
    So now, while juggling twenty balls a day, my rule is this: decide the two most important balls and catch those with the only two hands I’ve got. And if the others fall, oh well, poo happens. It’s part of nature.
    So my two most important balls in life are these: a) my son’s education and b) the pursuit of my change of career, my ticket out of the rat race.
    With regards to the other balls, they drop – frequently! Whether they’re labelled Tidy House, Matching Socks, A Stocked Fridge or Nicely Folded Laundry, none of them matter as much as those two key balls.
    Does this make me a hippy? No. Or a bad parent? Certainly not. Whatever boxes people want to fit you into, they ultimately only do it to make themselves happy and secure.
    So don’t let others’ expectations drive you to exhaustion. You know what really matters in life. As long as that’s in order, who really cares about the socks?
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