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    Ingrid Marsh - Host of Women Talk

    Women Talk is a Daily radio show with a Panel of women discussing, Health, Lifestyle, Love,What is in the News that is getting up our Noses, Family and Parenting issues and Celebs!  We also have a Culture Watch section, where we review Books, Films ans What’s on TV.

    Sotune into ON FM between 1-2pm, and LISTEN LIVE to Women Talk! OR CLICK Below for Women Talk Podcasts.

    Click |Here to Listen to Previous Shows and Podcasts of Women talk

    Nothing beats female friendships.  We seem to have our own language too. We women chat away, hour after hour, talking about just about everything under the sun – and we love it.  Indeed, there’s nothing like a good ole Natter to get our groove back. 

    A bit like Loose Women on air, it’s a wonderful way to get the opportunity to get your views across by commenting in the boxes below each section.

    On our live show as have a revolving panel of guests, such as the delightful Sonia Poulton, Opinionated Journalist for the Daily Mail and The Times and Spiritualist Counsellor, Sylvia Amoah, always ready to put a spiritual spin on things. There’s also of course, Ingy’s Angels.  Deborah Adams, Yvonne Morrison and Bernadette Sinclair, everyday women with their own uniquie view of the world.

    Many also describe the show as a bit of a contemporary and urban version of  Womans Hour! However, you describe it, we want to leave you Entertained, Inspired and ready to face another day.

    For years, men have been intrigued at to what women talk about.  The one that mystifies them the most  is, why women have to go to the toilet together.  For a good old chat that’s what.

    Often are days are so filled with juggling it all, it’s the only time us women can get for a catch up.

    And talking to other women is my thing. I just love it.

    Indeed we love men too.  After all, we’d almost be stuck on what to talk about if it wasn’t for them.

    So if you are also a woman who loves to spend an hour of your day talking about all sorts of things like how you feel about removing a shoes when visiting a friend, to talking about Men who leave their wives for a younger model, then the Getting Your Groove Back, Women Talk show is for you.

    Don’t forget to check out my Getting Your Groove Back column too every fortnight in the Pulse section on a Friday in the South London Press! Oh yes, another bit of women talk in print as well as online as well as on the radio.

    On Women talk, we also approach serious issues too.  Such as Rape and abuse.  How to avoid it and how to get your groove back if you’ve been a victim.  Better still we have industry experts in giving tips and advice on how not to be a victim!

    Women Talk, is uplifting, inspirational, entertaining and educational.  Women Talk, is also just a good ole lot of FUN and will give all women, the tools to get through another day!

    So if you are a woman and just love to TALK.  Then Women Talk, is simply not to be missed.

    Daily on 101.4FM. Tune into Women Talk.

    NOW on Women Talk – How did They Do It.

    Starting this Friday on Women Talk, we’ll be talking with inspirational women about how they did it? Did What? Well the job they are actually doing.  With a third of women unhappy in their jobs, we’ll be interviewing women to find out how they got into the job that they do.

    So if you’re unhappy and looking to change careers, then Women Talk, on ON FM between 1-2 is for you.  Don’t forget you can also check out our Women Talk,podcasts for shows you’ve missed.


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