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  • 03:00:58 pm on January 25, 2010 | 0

    Fun thing to do to get your groove back consists of reviews of the things to do to help get that spring back in tour step, that magic back in you mojo and have you looking and feeling absolutely great again.

    Click here for tips and advice on fun things to do.

    I review films that aim to deliver a message and I let you know what a fine job they did or did not do for that matter.  I also review performances and fun things to do to yourself to help you feel groovy again.

    Remember if you keep doing the same thing you get the same results.  I try to encourage you to do fun things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do to get true GROOVE. 

    And not everything costs tons of money either – oh no.  Much of what I review is for free.

    If you have any fun ideas don’t forget to submit your idea here.  After reviewing in we’ll decide if it truly is a fun thing to do.

    Another fun thing to do is to have a girly chat with your mates.  So check out and listen to our WOMEN TALKpodcasts on the topics us ladies just love talking about.

    There’s also a lot of Fun things to read in our Parenting Articles, with keeping it real, laid back advice.

    The most fun thing to do is to make sure you check out the getting your groove back show, every Friday between 1-2 and every Wednesday at 10pm.


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