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    Millionaire Kirsty Young Says Pushy Parents must Stop

    Millionaire Kirsty Young Says Pushy Parents must Stop

    Discussing on the Getting Your Groove Back Show soon.  Subscribe to be kept informed of date.

    Kirsty Young who is a wealthy newsreader and also married to a millionaire, condones Pushy Parents.  Well, it’s alright for You Kirst….

    I’ve done it all myself.

    The airy fairy Open Learning System – No formal lessons until age 7

    The Pre Prep, Prepping Private School – 10 hours of homework a night!  and weekends and half term, oh yes, and over Christmas!

    Finally, as victims of the recession, I witness now the State of the State system – all backed up with a Tutor or course.

    Oh, and not forgetting, every after school club known to Man!

    Newsreader, Kirsty Young says Pushy Parenting must stop and that we’re creating nothing more than a set of retaliating monster  hating teenagers.

    I too, would share your views Kirst, if I too, had a millionaire for a husband and was living in a  huge multi million pound house. Guess I could afford to relax a little. However, the reality for the average Parent, reliant on the crap education available for our kids, is that we can’t relax! Gosh we so want to just like our parents did – but we can’t.

    Admittedly, I’ve got my groove back now, after three moves in three months after leaving the private sector.  My son has finally settled into a lovely school, where he is being suitably challenged.

    So does Pushy Parenting work?  Parents after all only want their best for their kids. To bring about maybe the next Kirsty Young perhaps.  Or, are they doing them more harm than good?

    That’s the fifty million dollar question.

    Getting your groove back advice:

    We’ll be discussing this and issues relating to the state vs the private school education system to see if us parents simply need to take chill pill OR have every reason to be panicking our little heads off!

    Please share this info with other parents using the link below.


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