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    Precious Getting Her Groove Back

    It’s not the cards your dealt, but how you deal with them that matters…

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    The one thing the writer of this book, African American writer Sapphire, was clear to bring across, was that despite her woes, Precious was not a victim.

    This is the story of child abuse – impregnated twice by her father, physical abuse by her Mother and emotional abuse by both.  Many a situation that is happening in our homes TODAY, but yet denied, ignored and buried under the carpet. Women, Men and Children walking around with a guilt that is not there’s.

    It is a situation not prejudiced by class nor the colour of your skin, yet can strip a person of their self esteem, their confidence and ultimately their Groove.

    Getting your Groove Back Advice:

    No matter how long ago the abuse took place, speaking out will empower you.  For the abuser, it is an issue of Power, not sex and more often than not you will discover that the abuser was probably abused themselves.

    There are just amazing support groups out there that deal with all areas of abuse, so your story will come as no shock to them.  Speaking out, is the first step towards Getting Your Groove Back!

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