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  • 10:12:01 pm on January 13, 2010 | 0


    Missing the tender kiss on the forehead?

    A warm chest (or breasts) to snuggle into on a freezing cold night?

    Or simply, miss having someone to ask you ‘how was your day today’?

    BUT find this whole Internet dating thing a Blooming Nightmare!

    The following was concluded from relationship expert Laura Nelson and Cheeky Chappy, Man about Town, Cool Carl:

    Look out for ‘Tigers’. Yes the ‘Tiger Woods’ of the world.  Married men are also on the prowl on Internet sites.  Research shows that over a third of men on Internet sites are married.  Just like you may meet someone in a bar or club who may be married the same applies and caution needs to be applied to sites. Look out for dodgy stories that don’t quit fit and shifty eye movements.

    Get a life! To spend every hour of your living day pursuing the dream of finding a man makes you desperate, unattractive and uninteresting. The more you have a life of your own, the less vulnearble you are and the more confident it makes you.

    Check out our hot Dating Tips to find the one

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