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    Cheryl is now Hot Property!

    Indeed, he was the famous one when they first met but now with Cheryl featured on just about every magazine shelf at the moment, a successful TV career, a number one single and album has made him into…well not a lot now, according to the Mail on Sunday.

    The Coles, as they were.

    Ash was the Hot One when they first started hitting our screens

    The article effectively stated that in order to steal her GROOVE, he wouldn’t attend the party she had organised to celebrate her single reaching number one.

    Getting Your groove back tip:

    You never really know if these articles are true, but certainly I know that jealousy can occur when one party is deemed more successful than an other.  Usually also, the route is due to deep routed insecurities on the males part.

    If jealousy exists in your home, Sod him – carry on with your party anyway. Believe me I’ve done it.  Tried to reduce myself so  that he can feel better about himself.  It doesn’t work.  He’ll still remain an insecure prick.  Just know when it’s time to move on so that he can find himself a weak babe to dominate whilst you go onto find someone who can handle it!

    If you’ve been through a similar situation I’d like to hear from you.


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