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  • 10:10:11 pm on October 31, 2009 | 0
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    Big Gob Danyl lost his Groove

    Big Gob Danyl lost his Groove

    The UK is gripped by it and I have to admit,  so am I.

    It peeves me to no end when one of my mummy mates invites me round for supper or something when all I want to do is curl up on the sofa for my weekly guilty pleasure.

    It was a bit sad that Daniel had the groove kicked out of him this week because all the stuff written about him in the papers.  This led to a rather sombre performance which upset me greatly because each week, my little devil horns pop out of my head whilst I pray that he drops that microphone he keeps slinging from one hand to the other.

    Then there’s Jamie Archer, aka Three Afro’s by my son and I because he looks like a poodle with an afro on each side of his head and another one on top.  He however,  disappointedly sorted his hair out this week also.

    It soon won’t be worth watching if everyone starts looking and acting normal!

    Getting Your Groove back Tip:

    Support the twins Guys!!!! They are so bloody stupid and pissing everyone off,  it makes the show a bit of a giggle.

    Hey – there’s people dying out there.  You’ve got to have a larf!


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