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  • 09:29:45 pm on October 31, 2009 | 0
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    Party Pooper Sean Waynas

    Party Pooper Sean Wayans

    Geez, have we forgotten how to laugh?

    Met one of my Mummy mates for lunch in that fab new cafe in the Lido in Brockwell Park and  mentioned to her how much I’ve always wanted to host a Halloween party for adults.

    Well stone the crows – Oh no she said.  That’s devil worshipping!

    I at the time of course, thought she was absolutely banana’s.

    Another madness.  Sean Wayans attended a Halloween Party this year and didn’t wear a costume? Exactly, how much effort would it of taken.  Why did he bother to go?

    Moreover, in today’s Daily Mail, there’s an article saying the same thing from the Vatican calling Halloween anti-Christian.

    I was brought up in religion so have a great respect for religious issues and beliefs.  Religion is at the core of my being.

    But Bloody Blimey Mate – It’s just a bit of fun, you know, giggle giggle, ha ha…

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    God wants Spiritual fruits not Religious Nuts.


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