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  • 11:47:51 pm on October 29, 2009 | 1
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    Lucy Cope, the mother who heads this campaign will be marching today to Downing Street with a 1000 strong foothold.

    Lucy lost her own son, Damien to street crime earlier this year.

    I just can’t imagine what it would be like to loose my kid in any way or form.

    I take my hat off to Lucy.  Apparently, she wants the minimum sentence for those carrying guns to be raised to ten years.  She certainly has my full support.

    As for me, sometimes I wonder if I’m a bit naive to the reality of what’s happening on our streets of London.  Do I have to fear for son for when he is older?  Is it likely that he’ll be walking home one evening from a football or tennis game for example and getting shot after being mugged of his mobile phone or the like?

    Or, are these crimes limited to those who are involved in gun crime themselves?  A form of retaliation and a situation of living by the gun and therefore dying by the gun? If so, how did it all begin?

    I always think that so many lives are lost when someone dies in this way.  Not just tragically the person who has been killed but also the person who has committed the crime.  Surely when he is caught and sitting in his cell faced with a minimum of at thirty years in prison – surely, but surely he must ask himself, was it worth it? I’ve heard that at the beginning of their sentence, you can hear their wails of despair and tears  for days echoing down the prison cells and the other inmates try everything to block out the sounds.

    For their Mums too have lost a son – alive on the outside, but dead in prison. When released he’ll be an old man.

    Was it worth it?  Why don’t these boys think of the consequences?

    In any case, the reporting of this march has at the very least made me stop and think about the those Mothers on both sides of the coin, who have lost a child.

    The whole situation is heartbreaking.

    Getting your Groove Back:

    Lucy Cope and Mothers like her have shown such courage through what is still and will for be for many years to come, a difficult time.  I and many others pray for strength like hers.

    I’m sure she feels like curling up in a ball- but no. Instead she has chosen to fight and bring about change so that her pain and the loss of her son, will not be in vain.

    That is what we call Groove.



  • George 6:37 pm on May 14, 2010 | # | Reply

    “I take my hat off to Lucy. Apparently, she wants the minimum sentence for those carrying guns to be raised to ten years. She certainly has my full support.”

    Putting a gun touting murderer in jail for 10 years seems like a good idea doesn’t it? Unfortunately, people who are decent and otherwise law-abiding will get caught up in this little political show off move.

    Ten years in jail for possession of a firearm means that if someone retains their great grandfather’s revolver, they’ll be spending TEN years in jail without any judicial oversight. Most firearm possession cases are similar in nature to the above. Firearms might be kept for a variety of reasons, murder being the least likely. How about the enthusiastic collector of target sports who retains his pistol, despite the nanny state saying ‘no’? Is he deserving of this harsh punishment that won’t deter those willing to actually commit murder?

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