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    The wife of Dr Edwin Ewin, the guy who was found guilty of poisoning the drinks of his pregnant lover to induce an abortion, is sticking by him!

    You want to know what’s more? Dr Edwin Ewin’s work colleagues didn’t know he was even married AND his wife said she was fully aware that in the past, he has had several long term mistresses.

    His pregnant lover, Bella Prowse, was also unaware that he was married whilst they were dating and became suspious of when he’s desire for her to have an abortion got a bit cranky and yellow powered residue was floating on the top of a cup of tea he had bought for her .

    The wife, Lowri Phylip, said his lover was a silly woman and was nonetheless, as Dolly Parton put it in her classic love song, standing by her man.

    Wo! – commitment to the very end eh. This woman wasn’t messing when she said, ‘I do’!

    She said she felt contempt towards the judicial system for choosing to believe this woman over and above her ‘respectable husband Doctor’  – Dr Poison had claimed, that it was his lover who tried to poison herself to stitch him up.

    I think Mrs Lowi is a tad delusional don’t you?

    Still, who am I to judge.  If I was as insecure as Mrs Lowi and had lived through her life experiences, who’s to say that I wouldn’t be saying the same nonsense myself. There’s many of us who’ve lived in denial in the past, albeit to a more or lesser degree.  Not a problem I think as long as we acknowledge that no matter how much we want to bury the truth to the deep recesses of our mind,  it will resurface.  Thus, the longer we take to face it, the bigger the emotional explosion when do.

    I recall another situation like this when I was living in Islington.  My neighbour’s husband confessed to abusing their kids.  However, the wife had convinced herself that it possibly wasn’t true as he was having a break down at the time and didn’t really know what he was saying- hence like Mrs Lowi and our wee Dolly’s love song, she was standing by her man.

    Getting your Groove Back Tip:

    Well I’m gob smacked with this one just as I was with my neighbour all them years back.  Talk about taking your vows to the bitter end.  With all said and done however, I am only left with sad thoughts on this situation and those are this…

    Firstly, it makes me wonder what lengths women will go to just to be able to say they are married.

    Secondly and most importantly it makes me remember that as woman, mum, carer and the like, we really have to learn to love ourselves first.  That’s groove.

    We have to be brave and trust.

    It is said, we should face the truth and the truth will  set us free.

    If we walk, everything will be okay.

    Things will work out.

    They always do.

    Its the universal law.


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