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    It is much easier for Mums to shop for clothes these days as most shops have their target audiences in mind.  Once you find a shop that works for you, stick with it.  However, try to avoid buying everything they have on the dummy as this just makes you a walking advert for the shop and shows a lack of creativity.

    Moreover, with shops such as Primark, Matalan, New Look, Zara and TK Maxx selling fabulous pieces at great prices, there really is no excuse  for Mums not to look good these days.  The secret is mixing cheap with slightly more expensive or cheap and more expensive accessories.  Never, ever, do all cheap!

    Indeed, the challenge lies in making sense of it all and picking out items that will suit and flatter You.

    As a starting point concentrate on working with the colour of your skin and eyes and work with colours that is part of your overall colour tonal range.

    For example, dark skinned and black skinned Mums can’t go wrong with Autumnal browns and rustic  yellows and oranges.  For Blondes and pale skinned Mums, you can get away with black as the contrast looks great against your skin tones. Don’t go too overboard on black however, unless you have a a really strong personality to match it.  Too much black, on someone with a softer personality will effect on their moods and suppress them.

    Getting your Groove Back Tip:

    Don’t make the mistake of seeing something nice on someone else and thinking that it will look great on you.  Pay them a compliment by telling them the item or that colour is lovely and looks great on them.


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