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    One minute we can fly and the next, we’re riddled with insecurities and think of only what is not possible.

    You don’t have to bring the kids with you to appreciate this one.  Oddly enough, despite the 3pm start and glorious sunny day, kids only represented around 30% of the audience. Throw in the fabulously decorated pavilion serving wonderful champagne,  fine wines and a story line that with mouth watering food for thought, it was a great day out.

    The very moving ending reminded me of how we loose our groove once we get older.  When Wendy became an adult, Peter Pan re visited her and reminded Wendy that in order to fly, all she had to do was think happy thoughts.

    She was unable to do so, because now, she was living the life representative of the life many of us are living today.  The spring in her step (the groove) was no more. Instead she was in a dreary Job that didn’t fill her soul.  A predictable  life with little difference between the days.  A life with no colour and only greys.  The happy thoughts, dreams and aspirations which were now weighted with issues.

    When we left the performance  we walked through the long grass in Hyde Park.  My friends’ 7 year old daughter Georgia, who was happily skipping ahead like a scene from Little House of the Prairie, quipped,

    ‘Mummy, I’m thinking happy thoughts but I’m still not flying’.

    To me, Georgina is the perfect child.  She has a beautiful care free spirit! Always springing around.  Full of innocence and not a care in the world.

    I only hope in years to come that life doesn’t strip that spirit away like it did to Wendy…. and a many of us too for that matter.

    Getting your Groove back Tip:

    Think happy thoughts!


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