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    I was told about this poem once and was trying to find the actual words on the Internet, but its late and I can’t find it.

    In any case,  it went something like this…

    If you have but 2 guilders, use one for a loaf of bread and the other for a flower to fill your soul.

    So if anyone knows the exact words then do let me know.  Anyway, you get the gist of it I’m sure.  You gotta eat right – but you gotta fill your soul too!

    Okay, so for a display that looks like they came from Jane Packer but you don’t have that kind of dough, pop into Sainsburys and buy a pack or 2 of  longiflorum lilies (at the time of writing they’ve got them on special offer with 10 stems for a fiver), then pop into a decent upmarket florist and buy a pack or two of Steel Grass (not Bear Grass) for around £2.50.   You also need a large clear vase. How many packs of flowers and grass that you’ll need will depend on the size of your vase.

    The Display

    Strip ALL the leaves from the stems of the lilies and cut the base of the stems at an angle so they’ll absorb the water better.  Pop them into a large clear vase with water and place the flowers pointing outwards.

    Then, in the centre of the vase, keeping a grip at the top of the bunches, put in the steel grass.  Using a pair of scissors, cut a couple of inches off the top of the steel grass in a straight line, making sure the overall height of the grass is still almost twice the size of the lilies.

    Now let the steel grass go and fall effortlessly in the display.

    You’ll have a display of flowers that will last well over a week, that cost a fifth of the price of what the top florists would charge and most importantly, will fill your soul!

    Getting your groove back tip:

    For a real professional finish, when the flowers open up, use the tips of your fingers to remove the yellow pollen inside the flowers. The pollen will stain fabrics so remove with care.


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