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  • 11:00:29 pm on July 7, 2009 | 0
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    Spanx.  Spanx, spanx, spanx, spank. Sorry, but I just can’t stop going on about my new discovery.

    Read about the woman who designed it, then I researched it on the Internet. Apparently all the stars swear by them.  There were all these claims, not by the manufacturer but on various forums, saying that it brings you in a dress size.

    Get the right Size!

    Anyway, I had an event coming up where the ex was going to be there with the ex girlfriend, so it was necessary for me to look absolutely hot and slim.   So I brought my dress with me to try one spanx in John Lewis lingerie department.  My darling Mummy Mates, I swear to you, it is absolutely amazing! I had a flat belly and that takes some doing.

    The other great thing about it, unlike the usual thick, stifling, I can’t bloody breathe or go for a piss material girdles usually come in, the Spanx is made out of a really light fabric.

    It also has a wee hole! Yes a bloomin wee hole.   So if you can’t be arsed to pull the spanx down, you just pull the wee hole apart and Bob’s your uncle (or fanny’s your aunt)!

    Okay sure, initially I was a bit sceptical about the whole wee hole bit and imagined a somewhat smelly experience with my wee going astray of its natural course  and splashing around in the crutch area and on my hands. So I refused to use this delightful added feature – but that works well too.

    The dress size claim

    Anyway, whenever I wear mine, I’m always showered with compliments about how much weight I’ve lost.  I bought a high powered pair which allows me to effortlessly slither into me skinny jeans also.

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    Once you try on a pair in John Lewis and ascertain your right size, shop around for cost savings.  In John Lewis I parted with a hard earned £30 then bought my sisters in Morleys in Brixton for £23. A saving to my sister of six quid.

    Morleys however, do not have samples for trying on, so you do have to do the whole John Lewis thing first, but God it’s worth it.


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