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    Read some research from that something like 53% of Mums poo themselves at the thought of returning to work.

    One of my Mummy Mates sent me this great site It features jobs that recognises that if you give us Mums a bit of slack, we’re actually more productive than full time workers.  The research carried out amongst 3,500 workers across Europe found that employees who work flexibly  are also healthier and fitter. So for all you other inflexible, git employers out there, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

    It’s quite groovy too as they offer free workshops on going back to work and CV writing training. It’s also worth checking out our Groove Camps which we feature once a month.

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    The mind is like a soap opera. Believe me, it makes small fry out of  shows like Phantom of the Opera, Eastenders and Coronation Street.

    Your not planning on jumping out in front of a train- just going back to work.

    Nothing is ever  as bad as our soap opera mind likes to make out.  The thing with the mind is that it’s there to protect us.  However, as great as it is, the silly thing can’t differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined.  So off it goes, stealing your groove, with a good old fashioned Irish Jig of fear, whenever you decide to do something new or the unknown. So instead, think great thoughts and the silly mind will think that you really are feeling great and will make you feel great accordingly.

    Thanks For Sharing.

    So if going back to work is something you decided will give you your Groove back, when the brain starts its jig of fear, simply tell it, ” Hey brain, thanks for sharing, but I’m gonna do it anyway.”


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