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  • 12:04:44 pm on May 31, 2009 | 0
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    It has been reported that over a third of men on dating sites are married.  It appears to  be the new swish, less complicated route to infidelity.

    One of my Mummy mates said she wouldn’t be surprised if her husband was one of them  because  for one, she’s bored shitless of their sex life and two,  he’s always on the Internet.

    She says she has no intentions of leaving him however, because he’s rich and not prepared to give up her lifestyle.  Therefore, if he was one of the new unfaithful gits taking advantage of a single women’s quest in finding a decent bloke, she was quite happy for him to do so. At least she honest.

    I was seeing a bloke once who I met on line.  I swear he was married.  He lived in Sweden and came to London often on business.  Things just didn’t add up and the penny dropped when I myself had to go to Sweden on business and was fed a million and one excuses why he couldn’t meet up with me.

    So kicked he was kicked to the kerb shortly thereafter.

    In any case, the question is, would you leave your hubby if he had an affair?

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip?

    Okay, I’m gonna get stick for this one.

    Depending on the circumstances, I’d say No – you shouldn’t leave!

    In recent years,  I’ve decided to take my head out of the fairy tale books and stop comparing relationships to the Litte House on the Prairie and the Waltons and something more akin to the Rocky Horror Show.

    Shit happens.

    Therefore, if it was a one off stupid mad moment, I just don’t think it’s worth breaking up the family home over.

    However,  on discovering that the bastard had planned and calculated meeting a woman woman on-line and living some full on double family life somewhere, with kids, then I ‘d kick the git to the kerb like I did with old Mr Sweden.


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