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  • 01:10:12 pm on May 13, 2009 | 0
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    Are you the all routine, OCD Gina Ford Type or do you operate within your childs ‘natural rhythms’, like gone with the faries, Angelina Jolie?

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip.

    We are all different. We all have different finger prints and indeed, different personalities.  One of my pet hates is everyone trying to be the same as everyone else, expecting everyone to be the same as them and living within the confines of that boring square that only the super confident step out from.

    We should celebrate our differences.  So one kid, two kids or even twelve, they do indeed all have their own different rhythms.

    I come from a family of seven.  Seven different people, seven different rhythms.  Trying to force me into the rythym of my sister is like squeezing a hedgehog through a exhaust pipe. I’d go cranky.

    Getting your groove back is about going along with the natural rhythm and spirit of life as opposed to doing the whole OCD routine day in day out.  Geez, life is too short.

    Yeah there are boundaries and everything is about balance. But don’t loose your spontaneity in life.

    Getting your groove back is about letting go for a bit and realising that the sky didn’t actually fall on your head when you did.


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