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    Are you struggling to leave a toxic relationship?

    Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    Get to know the initial trigger/s that makes you keep going back and hallucinating about how things, could be.

    Is it when you see him or is it when you hear his voice?  Or is it the moments when he touches you a particular way?

    One of my Mummy Mates who’s stuck in a married man situation said,

    ‘It’s when he kisses me on my forehead.  The blooming kiss my forehead and it’s all over.”

    So, if it’s when you see him, avoid visual contact until your in a better place.

    If it’s when when you hear his voice, at that very same moment that his name pops up on your phone, think back to a time when you felt in control. Anytime.  Doesn’t have to be specific to him. Then when the phone rings and his name pops up, relive the memory of when you felt in control and automatically the new feelings of control will kick in, superseding your weak moment. This will miraculously give you the power to ignore the phone call.

    Remember, your thoughts affect your feelings and how you feel affects your actions.

    And most importantly, STOP BLOOMING HULLUCINATING. If he’s failed to treat you right over the last how many years, he’s hardly gonna start treating you right now.


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