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  • 12:37:14 pm on May 11, 2009 | 0
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    ‘I like Pooing’. These were the words of my delightful son this morning.  It did make me laugh.  That’s the thing with kids.  No matter how poo (excuse the pun) your feeling, you can be sure they’ll do or say something that will make you laugh.

    ‘Why do you like pooing so much darling ‘ I asked.’

     ‘It’s just a great feeling, really really relaxes me.  When it’s coming out, t just feels so relaxing’, he replied.

    God I love my kid.

    Getting your Groove Back Tip:

    Going for a Poo is indeed a relaxing moment.  Many of my biggest problems or my greatest ideas have indeed come form having a good old POO!  Research has shown that it is when you are relaxed that you are at your most creative.

    Use this time, to really be ‘in the moment’ for a bit of ME Time.  Get a magazine, close the door to your annoying kids or partner and have a good,  slow, old fashioned POO!


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