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  • 04:49:24 pm on May 8, 2009 | 0
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    When my delightful son was just 5 yrs old, he asked me what those tiger stripes were on my belly. I soon wiped that lovely googey sweet smile off his face when I explained that they were stretch marks and caused by him!!!

    Indeed, tiger stripes on your post baby belly are less of a big deal when you’re still with the Father of your child. No, the nightmare begins when there’s a new bloke on the horizon.  One who wasn’t the cause of those beloved tiger stripes in the first place.  Then, in order to prove he’s a man of the 21st century, during sex, what does he start doing? Massaging the bloomin belly.

    Can you Adam and Eve it.  I’m wincing all over again at the memory!

    The boobs are not that great either after they were sucked to death by my son who, much to the disgust of just about everyone around me, was breastfed up until the age of 20 months old.

    Fear not.  With a with a Push up Bra, they look absolutely fanatstic!

    So the secret I discovered, is to have sex with the push up bra ON.  You get big voluptuous boobs with a push up bra ON.

    The reality is Mums, Men don’t really care what your boobs are like. Big ones, small ones, fake ones, flabby ones or  just one.  And if the truth be known, I don’t give a hoot either. It is what it is.

    Getting your Groove Back Tip:

    I’m so comfortable with my body that as far as I’m concerned, he’s getting such great sex anyway, saggy belly and not so great boobs, he’s lucky to be having the pleasure of indulging in great sex with me anyway!

    Learn to love your bodies Mums.  If you love it, he’ll feed off your confidence and will love it too.  Men often say, there is nothing more unattractive than an insecure woman regardless of her size and body shape.  Confidence is what is sexy.


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