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  • 09:03:25 am on May 6, 2009 | 0
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    Are you waiting for Mr Right to come knocking your door?

     Getting Your Groove Back Tip:

    Get a blooming Life! Putting your happiness on hold or thinking that your happiness can and will only come through a man is pretty sad.

    Think of the kind of hobby you would imagine the man of your dreams would be doing. Then, if for example, that is Golf, subconsciously, it’s something you would like to do.  So got get some golf lessons.  Get a book or DVD on golf.  Look up golfing on the Internet or go absorb that big massive brain of yours with redecorating of volunteering for a couple of hours a week for a charity.  

    They come when your not looking.

    Like they say, its when your not looking that the man of your dreams comes along. Moreover, the more options/opportunities you have to meeting someone new, the more you increase the likelihood of meeting someone.

    Not only could you very well meet the said man of your dreams at your golf sessions, at least when you do meet someone and they ask you what you do in your spare time, you’ll be a whole lot more interesting to talk to!


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