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  • 10:37:24 am on April 9, 2009 | 0
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    Hey, it’s all a learning curve right.  Even with all my psychology training, studying, courses, the works, I still was able to loose it with my little un today. He was huffing and puffing to get going whilst I was having what I felt was an all important chat with one of my Mummy Mates.

    Then I completly lost – it went something like this;

    “It’s all about you isn’t it! Why does everything have to be about you. YOU, you, you, you, you.  Mummy needs time too, you know.  But no, Max wants to get going.  It’s all about what Max wants. Max, Max, Max, Max, Max…..

    and so it went on…and on, and on. I was on a roll and I couldn’t stop myself. I was telling myself to shut up, but my mouth took on a life of it’s own and just wouldn’t stop. So it continued;

    “If Max wants to go, we go.  If Max wants to stop we stop.  If Max says jump, we say how high….” Well What about mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    All this to a 7 year old kid – Tut Tut…

    Getting your Groove Back Tip:

    As soon as your able to recognise that your in a state, do something opposite to what you are currently doing. So if your sitting down, get up and walk into another room. If your standing up, go into the bedroom and lie down.  Basically, do something COMPLETELY opposite to what you’re doing at the time.  Likewise, if you have no Music on, crank up the stero.  Do it immediately.  Try it. It’s not easy, but really, really effective. You may have to dig deep within your soul for the energy to do it, but the effort is worth it and it really really works st at the very least, you’ll shut up.

    Boring Breathing:

    I know it’s boring to hear that same old breathing advise, but this also works. Take it from me, the anti airy fairy guru.

    When your stressed, your breathing rises, higher and higher into your chest and shoulders.  Compare this to the way a baby breaths.  They breath from much lower down in their diaphragm.  This is how we used to breathe before the stresses of life stole our groove.  That’s why the breathing stuff works.  Takes you back to your core and centers you.

    Shit Happens

    Afterwards you’ll feel a bit bad but don’t beat yourself up – Shit happens. Naturally, you don’t want this to happen too often as you’ll be sending out the wrong signals to your kid. The above exercises should prevent this.

    But remember, we’re all learning, even super cool me:).


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